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There is relatively little information available on Cloudhoppers.  Below are some relevant links, article references and other resources.

Other Cloudhoppers Sites

Roland Escher's excellent Solo Balloon site
History of the Small Balloon: an article from Balloon Life magazine
Cloudhopper Pilot Web Pages
Blue Thunder: pictures of Keith Sproul's Sky Chariot
Roland Escher's Cloudhopper
Phil MacNutt

Cloudhopper Manufacturers

Lindstrand Balloons USA
Cameron Balloons (see "Skyhoppers")

Regulatory Issues

The FAA: your tax dollars at work
FAR Part 103: The regulations covering "ultralight vehicles", which includes some cloudhoppers
AC 103 (7): An FAA "advisory circular" that explains the Part 103 regulations in more detail.

Cloudhopper Pilot Map

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Ballooning into the Sky: A site is devoted to the other type of one-person ballooning, helium cluster ballooning -- flying in a harness attached to a bunch of huge, colorful helium-filled latex balloons.
Balloon Preservation Group: This is an organization in the UK that collects and preserves retired balloon envelopes, including a large number of special shape balloons. There are 24 cloudhoppers in their collection, of which 5 are in flyable condition.
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Balloon Events

Balloon festivals, races, rallies....we've limited the list to ones where you're likely to see at least one Cloudhopper.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta: the largest in the world.  In 2003, the Albuquerque Fiesta will be home to HopperMania, 2003, expected to be the largest Cloudhopper gathering ever in North America.
WHAMOBASS: the longest continuously-running balloon event in the world.

Ballooning in General

Flying with a basket is fun too, and we must admit it makes it easier to carry passengers....

The Balloon Federation of America, our national club
Cool for Kids: the BFA Junior Balloonist Program
Joop de Wilde's comprehensive list of ballooning links
Syrinx Balloon: a nice, general-purpose ballooning website, with a nice list of balloon event links
 North American Balloon Association: without making any judgements about whether the BFA needs a competitor, these guys seem to have the most comprehensive list of balloon events.


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