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Case File DBA-135976A
Subject: Tanzer, David
Location: Charlotte, VT
Date: 12-27-2002

Comments: First cloudhopper flight.   Unusual cold tolerance. Excessive fun?  Maintain surveillance.

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Case File DDS-123127W
Subject: Goddard, John
Location: Griffin, GA;
Albuquerque, NM
Date: 10-12-2002 (?)
Comments: Code name "SmileMaker".  Abductees probed for dental caries.

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Update (2-6-2003):  Vehicle is often observed near to water, perhaps due to need to rinse and spit.
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Case File MKAS-329468
Subjects: Curtis Pack (owner), Bret Shirley, Rick Courtney (builder)
Location: Leon,West Virginia
Dates: Since 2001 (various)
Technical specs: 28,500 cubic feet, Rigid load ring mounted TBW T3, 7.5 gallons fuel
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Comments: Code name "Miss Kathy Ann's Starship".   Searching West Virginia for cow paddy laden fields to land in as opposed to general land cover of trees.

Conjecture: Advanced avionics permits flight in low visibility conditions, such as night and fog.

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Appears friendly.

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Case File RB-53659776
Subject: Rominger, Gary
Location: Northern California
Date: 2003

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Case File SP-325946A
Subject: MacNutt, Phil
Location: Austin, TX
Date: Unknown
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ASA/PUP intelligence analysts struck by similarities to 1964 Stanley Kubrick film.  However, upon closer inspection, it was determined that the metallic cylinder is probably not a nuclear device.


Case File NM-88001
Subjects: Erhard, Dan; Smith, Brian; Connell, Harold
Location: Las Cruces, NM

- Could this craft have visited pre-Columbian America, inspiring artwork of the Southwestern Mimbres culture?
- Note inscription "Spirit of Arizona" -- navigational systems damaged?



Pursuant to the Aerostation Security Act of 1948, you are required to report all cloudhopper sightings to the Undersecretary for Poorly Understood Phenomena, Aerostation Security Administration.  Provide photographic documentation and all other case file detail.

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