Rio Grande Gorge

By John Ninomiya
Photos by Ernie Hartt, Johnny Lewis

This impressive bridge, west of the Taos airport, spans the Southwest's greatest river.  At 650 feet above the canyon floor, it's one of America's highest bridges.  If you can withstand the vertigo, it's interesting to come more than once, at different times of day, to observe how the changing light plays tricks with the colors of the cliff walls....

-- Frommer's New Mexico, 6th Edition 

Johnny Lewis of Pueblo Balloon Company has kindly offered to let me tag along with him.  We inflate at a roadside parking area as the sun is rising.

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A first look at the gorge and the bridge, from the south.

We go up higher to fly north of the bridge, then
drop down into the gorge and head back south.

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Rush hour in the gorge.


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Heading for the bridge.

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Ernie takes my picture as I drift over.

Gorge12a.jpg (20659 bytes)

The other side.

Gorge13.jpg (57728 bytes)

Dropping back in on the south side.

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Light and shadow.

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Thanks to Johnny Lewis, Pueblo Balloon Company, for advice, assistance and hospitality.
Photographs by John Ninomiya, Johnny Lewis, Ernie Hartt.