Hoppermania 2003

"They came in Peace for all Mankind."


Bill Adler

Ten Hoppers
Photo: Ric Green
Graham Luckett
Dallas Beall
Phil MacNutt
Graham Bell
John Ninomiya
Russ Buesing
Debbie Rice
Guy Gauthier
Phil Thompson
John Goddard
Crispin Williams
Ernie Hartt
Scott Wooge
David Koenig


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Hoppermania Mass Ascension: The simultaneous launch of 10 'hoppers on 10/11/2003. (5.6 mb)
Hoppermania Highlights: Highlights from 2003, featuring the participating pilots. (6.1 mb)


Selected Images


(Front to Back) Scott Wooge, Crisipin Williams, Dallas Beall
Photo: Marj Walters


Graham Luckett (foreground), Russ Buesing (background)
Photo: Lynn Allen


Group launch: October 11, 2003
Photo: Howard Mann


Ernie Hartt
Photo: John Ninomiya


Hoppers lined up for launch
Photo: Ric Green


Balloons with legs
Photo: Ernie Hartt


Debbie Rice


Group launch: October 11, 2003
Photo: Lynn Allen


Lighting out for the Territories
Photo: Roland Escher


Four Hoppers
Photo: Ernie Hartt


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